Creating and Building Your Personal Brand

I read an eBook this afternoon about building your personal brand. The message was straightforward: Your personal brands stems from your story.

What does that mean? We all have a unique story to share. The goal of our story is to connect and have it resonate with other people from anywhere. It also gives insight to your struggles and the solution to them... Often this may be your opportunity.

But there is a fundamental mistake that many make. This mistake is: Do not market your opportunity before you market yourself.

If you did not already know then remember: People don't join businesses or business opportunities, they join people. Thus, you should always keep building your personal brand.

The reality and fact is people join people. Whether you like it or not, we are selfish and want to be associated with an individual that can provide the greatest chance for success. Ever wondered by many famous people have many followers? We love successful people or follow them most. We never follow "losers". Therefore it is vital you develop yourself, not only for your team, but also for your future.

Your story also reveals Your value. If you don't have anything to give to anyone, how or why do you expect them to follow you?

Your value is what correlated to building your personal brand. It makes you become someone people want to follow. When you have a lot to offer, others they will continually come back to you for information or help they desire.

Could you lead a small, medium or large group? The answer will gauge your personal value to others and inform how far you've come with building your personal brand. Don't be discouraged if you feel like you can only lead small. This just means that you have a bigger opportunity to grow. Look at it and take it as a positive!

I strongly recommend reflecting on your story and focusing on what it has taken for you to get to where you are today. The fact is people love stories. Whether it is as a young kid and sitting on grandpa's lap and listening to his past stories or being part of a tribe and listening to the elders or leaders tell about past customs, people love it. So tell your story, then reflect on where you want to be in the future. Finally, share this with the world. That's the essence of building your personal brand.