Learn What to Look For in the Best Skin Care Brand

I must admit I am rather skeptical when I hear or read about ratings of the best skin care brand. Rating a product as the best simply says it is the best among every other product in the entire world.

I try to avoid using that term, I try to look for and speak about products that are good in comparison to others I have used before.

I hope you do not fall for the hype when you hear a product being rated as the best skin care brand, unless you have used them all. These ratings only apply to a small amount of products not the entire world-wide brands.

Also we all have different skin types so not every product will be effective in repairing all skin types. Although if you are lucky enough to find a top quality, natural skin care product it should be able to work for most skin types.

That is the absolute best you can do!

I have done numerous researches and have found that there are companies that are manufacturing products that could be classified as the best. Not one of those big brand name companies that uses expensive advertisements with those flawless models. Those Ads are expensive leaving very little to do product research and development. All of this has to go into the price of the products making them expensive.

There are small, rather unknown companies that have really outdone themselves in using the best natural products available. These companies use natural ingredients to stimulate collagen and elastin production in your skin. As you might know these two proteins are responsible for skin firmness and elasticity. This has been proven over time to be very effective.

When you were younger you had smooth, firm, elastic and wrinkle free skin. The reason being your body produced a very significant amount of collagen and elastin when you are young, however as you age it produces less.

Skin care companies should start adding ingredients that will boost collagen and elastin production since this is what healthy skin is all about. With the decline of collagen and elastin your skin will undoubtedly become wrinkled and saggy.

The ingredient that does this is known as Cynergy TK. You won't find this substance in most big name brand skin care products on the market as it is relatively new, and used in products for the elites. However one day soon I know it will become a household name because it does perform above expectation. I know because this is what gives me that edge in having younger, smoother looking skin.

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