Mens Watches, Frequently Asked Questions

There are a few things that everyone should know about mens watches and all timepieces, for that matter. This valuable information may help you to not cause any damage to your wristwatch unintentionally:

1. How do I open the back of my timepiece to replace the battery? This is something that you should never do. Leave it to an authorized watch repairman to replace the battery. Opening the back of your timepiece can cause serious damage, not to mention it will certainly void your manufacturer's warranty.

2. How long will my battery last? A Quartz timepiece, which runs on a battery, will need replacement every 2-5 years. The time varies, because of the amount of complications on the piece. The extra functions, such as chronographs, will wear the battery out, much sooner.

3. What exactly is water resistance? In the case of a timepiece that is simply marked as "water resistant", with no depth indicator; understand that it should not be immersed. A timepiece that offers a water resistance limit will be safe within those limitations, but keep in mind that these pieces are still only approved for everyday use and should never be used as a deep sea or dive watch.

4. What is a unidirectional bezel? This feature is used for timing sports events. The numbers on the outer bezel of the piece will move, so that they can be set, but they will also lock in place, so that they don't accidentally move out of position.

Knowing how to use and maintain your luxury timepiece is vital.