To Be or Not To Be an Usher

Wedding is the most auspicious occasion for everyone who joins as a guest. Usher is the person who is supposed to escort the guests and help them find their seats. He is one of the most important persons after bride, groom and priest. If you have been chosen as an usher then surely the groom thinks high of you. He is going to be dependent on you for so many things so make sure you know what you have to do at the marriage ceremony.

As an usher, you will have to work tirelessly to ensure the groom has his best wedding and everything flows in a smooth manner. You have to be on your toes the whole time during the ceremony so the groom should feel comfortable that everything is being taken care of by you. Well, this may sound as the downside to it but look at brighter side. Being an usher entitles you to receive wedding favors. The groom would never forget your services and feel obliged. He would show his appreciations towards your loyalty and arrange ushers gifts for all of his groomsmen including you. This is his way of saying thanks to you.

You can expect from a key ring chain to expensive pocket watch or gold cuff links. Some grooms prefer traditional favors and some of them are selecting innovative gifts. The groom is expected to spend anywhere from $5 to $100 and above if money is of no issue to him. The whole purpose of buying ushers gifts is to let you remember this occasion for the rest of your life. The gifts will always remind you of his wedding so he may choose to give something practical like branded lighter, leather wallet or a Swiss army knife. So, being an usher is quite a good deal for some guys and you could be one lucky dude if you have a number of rich friends.