Zoom Lebron 1 - The Beginning of the Legend

The very first in the set of Nike Zoom LeBron shoes, the Zoom LeBron 1 was the beginning of a very successful Nike Zoom franchise named after LeBron James, a rising NBA superstar player.

Also known as the Nike Air Zoom Generation 1, the very first pair of the lineup was first released just before the beginning of the NBA Season of 2003-2004, which was the same year when LeBron James was crowned the 2003-2004 NBA Rookie of the Year.

The first colorway released of this model was exactly the same as the shoes that LeBron was wearing for his NBA debut. Nicknamed "First Games," this shoe is considered to be extremely valuable by basketball fanatics and LeBron's fans. The very inside of the shoe was even stitched with date of LeBron's first NBA game -- 11-5-2003.

Other Zoom LeBron 1 colorways made commercially available were the Air Zoom Generations White/Black-Red, released during the Christmas holiday season of 2003, the Air Zoom Generations All Stars, which was released a week before the NBA All-Star Game of 2004, the Air Zoom Generations Wheat, a colorway released for LeBron for the 2004 NBA Rookie Game due to his desire to play a basketball game wearing Timberland boots, and finally the Air Zoom Generations Black/Black-Red, which was released just before LeBron's rookie year ended with the Cleveland Cavaliers' defeat.

The Zoom LeBron 1 was a very strong and lightweight shoe. Thanks to the Zoom Air feature in the heel and forefoot of the shoe, it also promised comfort during wear. With a high performing herringbone sole for better grip, this is a great pair of basketball shoes to own during 2003, and even until now.